CDR3.0 HU LCD Navigation Radio OEM Porsche

PCM3.0 or PCM3.1 require online coding with a license key to program on a new vehicle. because all units (radio) are locked with original VIN (Vehicle Identification No.)

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CDR3.0 HU LCD Navigation Radio OEM Porsche Navigation Radio OEM Porsche requires online coding with a license key to program on a new vehicle. because all units (radio) are locked with original VIN (Vehicle Identification No.)

if your vehicle has nav, bt, aux just want to replace the not working unit. then you can require codes from Porsche. because your vehicle made with nav so Porsche should able to give you codes. but, if your vehicle didn’t have those options & try to upgrade from cdr radios. then you need to get the codes to make work, like the map, Bluetooth, Aux enabling codes

Those codes only able to use the new vehicle ( you need to let us know your vin# to order codes from Porsche) again these codes are not included (As an alternative you can also use an interface blocker for such features ).

if you need code please let us know first before you bidding. ( code is not-refundable )

Without these codes, the dealer not able to programming and blocked out those 3 functions. That mean’s if you didn’t have license key codes, you can’t make work on another vehicle, because, 09up unit is locked with the original VIN number, and the nav, Bluetooth, aux/iPod function will be blocked out in one~two days after you installed. and can’t use those functions anymore. ( only able to use radio, cd player )

hard drive base HD navigation system: 100GB hard drive

Bluetooth ready ( if your car didn’t have Bluetooth, you need to get a microphone & cable to make work ) – need a program to use on a new vehicle. Normally work this out with PIWIS 3 developer mode.

aux- once you program you will have this option. ( need aux cable to work with not include )

1 single-disc player

XM radio but, you cant use it if your car didn’t have an XM

item was removed from the 2014 cayman that in a like-new condition we replace the newer radio on the vehicle. this pcm3.1 only work on 991 2012up  models or Boxster, cayman ( but, when the power-up unit will show boot Porsche logo and Carrea logo, and of course we can change the logos with specific enabling codes )

all items are marked & sealed with our security labels to prevent fraud also, you’re able to change FM station to another county station by Porsche computer. ask the dealer for more detail :

we know there are three choices.

  • USA – 87.7-107.9 ( right now programed  )
  • europe – 85.5-108.0
  • Asia – 76-90

((  FM station can reprogram when you using Porsche computer )

Import notes

  • if you need enabling codes, we need your new VIN number so, we can get a new activation code/license key from the factory to transfer those three function to your new vehicle ( if you didn’t send your VIN number, we can’t get code for you. because code is getting from the factory & that codes will transfer ” nav, Bluetooth, aux/iPod to your vehicle )  factory most need your new vin# and original vin# of radio were removed, serial code, original codes to make new activation code for use on your vehicle.  codes price is shown on the list. if you need a code let us know
  • there is no return/no refund for this item.
  • if you are not sure will work on your vehicle! please ask your local dealer or professional engineer first before you bidding
  • there is no return or no warranty, so, please, make sure with the dealer first. ask your local dealer if they have the Porsche computer for programming if Navi turns off/blocked out. we will not give you exchange either. so, please, ask the dealer and do your research before placing a bid or purchasing these parts  ( there is no return for any reason ! sold as it is ! )


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