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How to set engineer mode in Porsche piwis3 diagnostic software

1.Home-System-Diagnostics configuration for other model lines;(It is recommended to disconnect the car and pc before setting) 2.mode-operating mode-E(Engineer mode)-SAVE,close the window; 3.Home-System-Diagnostics configuration for 991,981,918,970,Cayenne from MY11,Macan; 4.mode-operating mode-E(Engineer mode)-SAVE,close the window; 5.Select the model to test, if you see German, it means that the engineer mode has been set successfully.

How to connect WIFI in the switch user interface window of Porsche PIWIS3

The Porsche Piwis 3 system is installed on a new computer without WIFI, and the WIFI list cannot be found in the network settings. How to connect to the WIFI network? 1.Using the keyboard, press”Ctrl+Alt+Del “at the same time to open the switch user interface; 2.Select “Switch user”, and click “OK” 3.Click the network icon […]

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