How to connect WIFI in the switch user interface window of Porsche PIWIS3

The Porsche Piwis 3 system is installed on a new computer without WIFI, and the WIFI list cannot be found in the network settings. How to connect to the WIFI network?

1.Using the keyboard, press”Ctrl+Alt+Del “at the same time to open the switch user interface;

2.Select “Switch user”, and click “OK”

3.Click the network icon in the lower left corner of the computer screen with the mouse, a list of networks will appear on the right of the screen, select your network, and connect to it.

Select your network, enter your network password, and connect to it,Next.

4.Enter the user name Porscheuser, this user does not have a password, press Enter to enter the Porsche software interface, and your network is connected.

WIFI is connect (Error:ppn status, you can ignore it because you are not a Porsche dealer’s VPN).

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PPN Porsche Remote Support

PPN Remote Support Terms and Notes

We support Porsche full series' PPN online jobs with OEM Porsche PIWIS 3 system. For PPN remote programming jobs we prefer to work with Porsche original PT3G VCI or PT3G E VCIv2 only. In case you're using the cloned tools or 3rd party VCI interface, before you're applying for the PPN remote, you're well noted that we will charge per time login support with PayPal secure online prepaid. No refunds available at any circumstances in regardless of your cloned tools, system softwares, used spare parts or wiring diagrams connection issues.

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