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Porsche Apple Carplay upgrade activation or retrofit for PCM3.0 PCM3.1 CDR3.1 PCM4.0 PCM5.0

Unichip Porsche Wireless Apple CarPlay work PCM3.0 Radio System Androidauto Mirroring

Description The Unichip Porsche Gen2 PCM3.0 Wireless Apple CarPlay Smartbox for Porsche Aftermarket Apple CarPlay Retrofit Kit will compatible work with Porsche PCM3.0 HU heard unit and the original screen display. for the installation, you have to dismantle the head unit and screen display but all is plug and play. Some highlights about thisPorscheproxy Apple […]

How to set up a Unichip USB Flasher to activate Carplay and android auto for Porsche?

1.Prepare(1)Windows laptop (Windows7, Windows8, Windows10 can be used, the battery is fully charged);(2)Network cable, USB conversion network card interface cable;(3)Android phone (need to provide wireless network to the computer);(4)SD card, SD card format FAT32 (when SD card is needed, we will copy patch files to SD card);(Tip: If your portable computer does not have a […]

How to activate Porsche 718 CarPlay and Android Auto via USB?

How to activate Porsche 718 CarPlay and Android Auto via USB? First of all, you need to tell me the VIN of your Porsche car (you can check it on the nameplate of the car), and the version information of the multimedia radio computer, and then we will tell you whether you can turn on […]

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