How to check Porsche VCI STATUS LEDS

How to check Porsche VCI STATUS LEDS

How to check Porsche VCI STATUS LEDS
The PT3G-VCI has 4 LEDs each on the top and bottom of the diagnostic interface, each
this 4 LED has a different color. These 4 LEDs signal relevant information about the status
of the PT3G-VCI.

The LEDs of the PT3G-VCI also show the following special animations:

In rescue mode, all 4 LEDs flash simultaneously.In the case of a software update

  1. Power LED, green
    LED on: power is on;
    LED flashing 1HZ: communication error
  2. CONN LED ,blue, communication
    LED light on: communication has been established;
    LED light flashes 1HZ: communication has been connected
    LED light flashes: data is being transmitted

3.mode LED ,orange WLAN
LED on: WLAN infrastructure mode
LED flashing: WLAN module error
LED off: WLAN direct connection mode (access point mode) LED , red DOIP activation
LED on: DoIP and PT3G-VCI are enabled, and the vehicle diagnostic box or base station is connected;
LED flashing: DoIP is enabled, PT3G-VCI only connects to the diagnostic equipment through the USB module, not to the vehicle diagnostic box or base station;
LED off: DOIP is not activated.

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PPN Remote Support Terms and Notes

We support Porsche full series' PPN online jobs with OEM Porsche PIWIS 3 system. For PPN remote programming jobs we prefer to work with Porsche original PT3G VCI or PT3G E VCIv2 only. In case you're using the cloned tools or 3rd party VCI interface, before you're applying for the PPN remote, you're well noted that we will charge per time login support with PayPal secure online prepaid. No refunds available at any circumstances in regardless of your cloned tools, system softwares, used spare parts or wiring diagrams connection issues.

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