How to reset the Porsche VCI diagnostic interface and restore factory setting

How to reset the Porsche VCI diagnostic interface and restore factory setting

1.If your Porsche VCI diagnostic interface does not work or even keeps making noises, you need to reset your VCI at this time to restore factory settings;

2.Operation steps, first, you press and hold the round button in the middle of the Porsche diagnostic connector, connect to the base station after 5 seconds, do not release the pressed finger, connect to the base station, release your finger after 30 seconds, and wait for the piwis software The base station is detected (if the base station connection cannot be detected, you can repeat the operation)

3.After the base station is successfully connected, click”System”-”VCI configuration”-”Perform pairing now”,Complete the factory reset, if you still need to set up the wireless connection VCI, you need to click “WLAN access piont”-set your VCI wireless password.

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PPN Porsche Remote Support

PPN Remote Support Terms and Notes

We support Porsche full series' PPN online jobs with OEM Porsche PIWIS 3 system. For PPN remote programming jobs we prefer to work with Porsche original PT3G VCI or PT3G E VCIv2 only. In case you're using the cloned tools or 3rd party VCI interface, before you're applying for the PPN remote, you're well noted that we will charge per time login support with PayPal secure online prepaid. No refunds available at any circumstances in regardless of your cloned tools, system softwares, used spare parts or wiring diagrams connection issues.

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